Ideas for Things To Make & Sell

Is the product you are thinking of selling a Best Seller?

You have all these cool ideas on what you think you want to make – BUT will it sell?


Let me show you how to see what will sell and what will not right here…


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Let me show you how to pick a bestselling product to make and sell

This is what we do wrong…

  • We decide that we are sick of our job.
  • We decide that we would love to start a business
  • Over a period of time, we keep on seeing things that we KNOW we could be making and selling.
  • Then we do a bit of research on Google, Pinterest, the craft market and the mall and choose a thing to start manufacturing.
  • And… Ta Daaa! We are in business, and we start to learn stuff the hard way.

BUT – We do not really know if it is selling well or not.

What if I told you there is a far better way?

A way that shows you HOW to do perfect research on the proven profitable product ideas, and then your chance of succeeding is definitely a little better don’t you think?


This system of researching the proven most profitable product ideas is one that will work for most niche ideas, printables, gifts, jewelry, crafting and furniture or wooden products.

All you have to do is follow a series of steps to filter your way through your original ideas into a list of best sellers


Step One – Make a list of the products you think will sell well.


Sit down with a pen and paper (or your computer) and write down all the types of products you think you would like to manufacture.

This can be as varied as you like, from knitted goods to printables or even art.

The visit craft markets malls and other places (craft wholesalers) to get more ideas.

Try to list at least 20 ideas so that you will have a variety.

Put them in order favorite to least favorite, easiest to make to hardest, most expensive to cheapest – Just guessing here is OK, it is just to get your thoughts written down so you can start to work on the ideas.


Step Two – Check how popular each item is online.



Take each item from your list and search for it on all the places that you think it will either be for sale or just displayed.

This would include the big social media sites like Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Do a search on Google and click on the images display. Do the same search on Youtube to see results there and again on normal Google search.

This will help you see how many pictures and posts are shown on each item or type of product.

It will also help you sharpen up your ideas (IE if you really do like the idea or not)



Step Three – Do Massive Keyword research



This is the main descriptive keywords for that niche or idea.

Then look at the results within there to find buyer keywords.

For example, if your seed niche or keyword is “wedding”, then your smaller niche keywords would be “wedding favors” or Wedding invitations” or whatever.

Then you dig deeper to find long tailed keywords to see if the demand will be high enough for you to be busy all the time.

Just a comment here – If you were number one on each of the keyword page results shown there, you will only get a MAXIMUM of 30{fb1da95e4fc88ea0129a0850f60c946125931d0d3ca6d21bc45283e49fe7e931} of the clicks, and in reality, about 15{fb1da95e4fc88ea0129a0850f60c946125931d0d3ca6d21bc45283e49fe7e931} of the people will click through to your site. Then if 20{fb1da95e4fc88ea0129a0850f60c946125931d0d3ca6d21bc45283e49fe7e931} of those people order from you – you will have an idea as to how many searches you will need to rank for to have a busy business.

The number of searches per idea will give you an idea as to how popular that idea is. (IE the demand for it)

To find out how to do this properly – go to step 8


Step Four – General Selling places


This would be places like Shopify, Craigslist, local directories and other popular sites. This would differ from niche to niche.

The best part is that at this stage you are starting to get a better feel for what items are in demand and what items crossover into the list of things you would love to be making in your factory or home workshop.

Do not forget to add in a few extra places for your research – the local craft market, the chain stores, and the luxury gift shops in the mall.

Another thing to remember that niche specific item will differ from niche to niche – for example, if you love horses and want to make things related to the horse industry (It is a lot harder to get established offline – online is OK) so you will need to start visiting the big horse related events to see what is getting sold there.





Step Five – Amazon

This is the first method that can actually tell you what is selling and what is not.

Amazon shows it’s top sellers by a ranking system, so when you research you can see if an item is getting sales and even get other important information on how to sort out the best selling product idea from one that is just going to waste your time.

OK, and then another HUGE thing you need to pay attention to – If you plan to sell on Amazon or just plan to sell and ship off your own website (both are very good ideas) then you need to watch for things like the weight of each bestseller.

Shipping and delivering items that are heavy will cost the buyer a lot more money and would more than likely choose a lighter item from a value for money point of view.

The good news is that I go into detail on this point in step number 8 below





Step Six – Etsy

This is the second way to see what the top sellers are and what the items are that waste your time.

In the normal Etsy search system you can search for items, for categories and drill right down to the actual products you are thinking of manufacturing, and when you get there all you can tell is that they have reviews.

Now reviews are normally a very good gauge of how well a product is selling, so that is great. BUT it doesn’t show if it is the BEST SELLER in that category.

This is where my secret link – or secret site comes into play. In step 8 below I will be offering you a report that will include a link to a website that shows all the top sellers in categories and in countries.

Not only do I show you the site, BUT I show you how to use it to do better research for your product ideas.


Please look at what I offer you below in that report to help you set up your business properly from day one.



Step Seven – Spreadsheet and hard work

OK, cool – If you get a copy of my report you will be following along on the inside of the report, but if you cannot afford to get a copy, then this is the basics of what you should do once you get to this point.

Take all the info you have collected and run it through a spreadsheet showing all the details you discovered.

Which items are selling the most, which items are the most in demand, which items are easy to make, which items will ship the easiest and all those import points you will need to know to make an informed decision.

After this point, you will need to follow a step by step system on how to set up you chosen version of business.

Sooner or later I will have produced a detailed course on how to do all that. I do have some free videos that do cover this next step in your business.

Two options here – get the report, as I cover some of the steps to do on this subject inside the report, or (if you cannot afford the report) join my Facebook Group and ask your questions there.

To see what is offered in the report – see step 8 below 🙂






Step Eight – The Tips Report | Cheat Sheet I wrote out for you

I have written a sort of Cheat Sheet Report that will map out in detail all the steps you need to take to find the best selling products in your chosen niche.

This report is designed to help you get started with an almost guaranteed bestselling product that you will be making to sell from the minute you open the doors to your business.

You are not going to spend the first year losing money and stressing out every sleepless night while you learn what items of your are selling better than your opposition.

You could follow what I have written on this page and get most of your research done without spending money – OR for a very small fee, you could get a detailed look at why you need this research report and a deeper look at how to go about the research.

Please scroll down to see what I have in that report




Get My CHEAT SHEET report & save a LOT of time

What you get inside the report…

27 Pages of details on how to research a winning product to make and sell.

I show you how to do detailed keyword research to see what the demand is for your product ideas.

I show you three research sites that use tools to see the top sellers on Etsy.

I show you a system that you will use while researching on Amazon – that determines what combination of attributes make up a best seller on Amazon.

Included in that, I cover a variety of other topics on how and why and where you should be doing your research to start off your new business with bestselling ideas.


I could easily sell this report for $47.00

The value that it brings to your new business could be hundreds of times that value

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